SSL certificates stand for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a protocol that provides online security for websites and interactive users from data theft. SSL certificates provide protection against attacks to steal data on websites. But SSL certificates have disadvantages that many people do not want to install. This article will help you understand the disadvantages of SSL.

Disadvantages Of Using SSL Certificates For Your Website


When installing SSL for the website, every time users access and send information to the web will have to pass 1 data encryption. This makes access longer. This, in theory, may not be so influential because the time difference is not so much.

Besides, when installing SSL, the website will switch from HTTP -> https. For users there is not much difference, but not for search engines. It will consider this to be 2 different websites and will affect your site’s rankings. You can also view details about this here

The most significant downside – apart from slowing down website performance – the fact that SSL is used to protect the connection between the web server and the client (browser or user) can make security tools unreliable. This makes it impossible for software to detect malicious software installed on the web.

More specifically, if a malware has been hacked into an SSL-encrypted connection by a hacker, network security software may not be able to identify the content of the software because it is encrypted. For this reason, SSL has inadvertently created a new form of security threat.

After the SSL flaw was discovered, hackers began to use it as a means to attack the website. They install malware on SSL connections and leave it at this protocol layer to prevent security software from being scanned. And if you leave these affected SSL connections unchecked, they can become the basis for other malware.


SSL certificate has an important role for web users. It ensures protection for the website. However, it also has several disadvantages that users should keep in mind to avoid risks. Hope this post is helpful enough. Good luck!