Do you know about reseller hosting? Does reseller hosting have any advantages? Standard web hosting services can create difficult, complex and costly situations when it is desired to host more than one website. At this stage, when many websites are to be hosted and managed. Reseller hosting services will provide appropriate solutions for users.

What is Reseller Hosting


Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting that can run on Linux and Windows. However, unlike standard hosting with reseller hosting services, you can host a large number of different web sites in the storage space you rented on the servers, or you can create your customer base and create special resources for your customers within this area. You can also manage your email services, which will be one of your most important needs, within reseller hosting.


First of all, to have reseller hosting service, you need to buy a domain name registered to the hosting company where you will purchase the service or move your existing domain name if any.

From the administrative point of view, the reseller can perform administrative tasks such as monthly traffic control, disk space control, account opening/closing, bandwidth adjustment, FTP information, access permissions via a single control panel on the main hosting panel. You can define control panel access to domain names. However, at this point, the reseller hosting service should not be confused with additional domain hosting. In additional domain hosting services, additional control panel access to the new domain names cannot be defined as in the reseller hosting service.

What Are The Advantages Of Reseller Hosting?

It provides a cost advantage for users who want to host a large number of websites, which saves the cost of buying separate web hosting services.

A large number of websites hosted in the Reseller hosting service can be easily managed through a single control panel.

It is ideal for those who want to start their own hosting company or those who have a network to sell hosting services.


New and small web hosting companies and those who have a network to sell hosting services can meet the needs of their customers with reseller hosting service.

Users with a large number of web sites, reseller hosting service can have the most ideal and economical solution.

Website designers and software developers can also provide hosting services to their websites and web applications.

Interactive agencies that provide website services to their customers, among other services, can easily manage these services through reseller hosting solutions.